MAY 2-18  Mon - Saturday 9-5  Sundays 10-4

MAY 2-18 Mon - Saturday 9-5 Sundays 10-4

We are short staffed at this time. We apoligize for the inconvince. We will return to regular hours May 18.

Unfortunately we will not be able to accept full stamp cards untill office has returned to normal processes. if you have a full card pls hold on to it and ask them for a new stamp card stamps will still be given. As soon as we return you can trade them in at that time! again we appoligize for the inconvience. IF IT'S YOUR FIRST TIME PLACING AN ORDER PLEASE BE ADVISED THERE IS A WAIT TIME FOR NEW CLIENTS OVER THE NEXT TWO WEEKS PLEASE EMAIL US SOMEONE WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS FOR FASTER PROCESSING MENTION YOUR REFERRAL!!!