OVERSTOCK !!!! Pineapple Nuken

OVERSTOCK !!!! Pineapple Nuken

High THC at 20-26%


Pineapple Nuken boasts a potent high due to the 20-26% THC concentration. In just a few words, this strain will nuke your brain with a wave of intense euphoria and joy. It’s an invigorating sensation that won’t leave you until the high reaches a peak. That’s when the 50% Indica heritage delivers a potent couch-lock experience. This strain can alleviate depression, insomnia, low appetite, and stress.


Balanced hybrid


Pineapple Nuken is a 50-50 Sativa-Indica hybrid, which means the effects are also balanced. Once the cerebral burn begins, your brain will be flooded by a rejuvenating rush of euphoria. All negative thoughts vanish, your mood stabilizes, you feel as if the world is your kingdom. Then, the relaxation ensues as you drift down an avenue of comfort and bodily sedation.